Interactive Textbook


Q. Embedded Youtube videos are not working on my browser.

A. This is a known issue when you are logged into multiple Google accounts and the data accumulated clashes.

Permanent Fix: Clear your browser’s whole cache, cookie and browsing history to flush out the data that Google has on your browser. Then retry.

Temporary Fix: Use Incognito mode on your Chrome browser.

Q. Whenever I use the back button or come back from a different link, buttons on the website stop working.

A. This is due to bfcache. After your browser travels back or forward in the history, or if your browser deems that it has enough information in the cache, it won’t execute the scripts necessary to run the website. In this case, you should force your browser to reload this script by refreshing the page.

Q. Some of the services (like CodePost or the main website) are not working properly on the web browser I use.

A. All of our infrastructure (including CodePost) can only be accessed with Google Chrome. Behaviors on other browsers (especially Safari) are not defined, and we will not be responsible for any failures caused by not using Chrome.